Dealer Transfer

We collect and deliver dealer transfers for both new and used vehicles. On arrival we appraise the vehicle and complete our transfer forms. Any problems are noted and reported back to you immediately for further instruction before we sign to accept the vehicle for transportation. We also collect from compounds / docks etc and at collection point if there are any problems we follow the same procedure. If there is an issue with the vehicle we are advised by you our customer as to how to proceed.


Any vehicle taken to or collected from auction follows the same procedure as above. We have accounts with several of the auction groups.

Fleet collection / delivery

We collect and deliver fleet vehicles to the customer’s requirements on the customer’s or lease companies own documentation where required. Full appraisal is always carried out and any problems reported to the customer before accepting the vehicle. Any return vehicles are given a full appraisal on relevant documentation. All paperwork is then returned immediately on return of our driver. We normally scan and email the documents to you then forward it on.

Dedicated Handover

With the ever-increasing focus on end user satisfaction we are proud of our handover service. We deliver as near a dealership handover procedure as possible. Often end users have told us they have had previous cars delivered and simply handed the keys, which spoilt their own excitement at receiving their new car. We pay particular attention to what the customer or end user requires. We contact them to give them an estimated time of delivery and always make sure the end user is happy before leaving. All paperwork is completed correctly and returned to our customer immediately on return of our driver. All our drivers have undertaken actual manufacturer handover training and try to give a memorable experience.

Vehicle Purchase

Some of our customers buy vehicles unseen by Internet or phone etc. As a service we often take your payment with us to collect a vehicle having had a conversation with you as to the description you have been given. We then appraise the vehicle to that description before completing any paperwork and handing over any money. On several occasions we have arrived to find the vehicle not as described where the dealer has then either re- negotiated the price saving sometimes several hundred pounds in reconditioning or decided not to purchase the vehicle at all. If satisfactory we collect all paperwork and complete the transaction on your behalf.

Tailor made

If you have any specific requirements then please contact us with your requests. We have done in the past motor shows, trade shows, special exhibitions, classic car shows and race days.






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